Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Jungle Book, "Gastronomy"

Fried fish bits and yuca. Yuca is a delicious potato like plant. Especially good when fried.

More fried fish bits with beans and rice. They grow a lot of rice on the slopes near the river.

Fried sweet banana and maracuya juice. Tastes like dessert!

Fried banana slices...the Amazonian french fries. Healthier? I doubt it.

Bananas, bananas, and more bananas. Most dishes include bananas...cause they are freaking everywhere!

CaƱa or sugar cane. You chew it, drink the juice, then spit it out. They make a strong alcohol out of this as well.

Tons and tons of fresh fruit! Pick it and cut it open with your machete.

Tortuga...turtle. This one is still alive, but it will make a great soup. The people also like boiled tortuga eggs.

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